Talbot Haz-mat Box 6-5 Glebe Park Drive
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
September 28, 2019

At 0854hrs Dorchester Central dispatched Station 1 (Haz-mat 1-1) to assist Talbot Co units with A GAS LEAK/ODOR COMMER at 8978 GLEBE PARK DRIVE (Sea Watch International) in the Talbot 6-5 Box Area. Rescue Fire Company’s Haz-mat team worked with teams from Salisbury FD & Anne Arundel County FD (Lead Team) to mitigate an Anhydrous Ammonia leak. At approx. 1430hrs with the situation under control command was terminated and all units were placed in service without incident.
Photo Credit: Captain David Cox & FF Trey Davis

Units: Talbot Station 60
Mutual Aid: Talbot Co FD, Dorchester Co Station 1 (Cambridge) Haz-mat 1-1, Anne Arundel Co FD, Wicomico Co FD (Delmar, Hebron, Westside, Sharptown, Mardela), Salisbury FD, Caroline Co FD, Queen Anne’s Co FD (Queenstown), MDE, EASTON PD.