New Officers Installed 2019-2020
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
October 4, 2019

The members of Rescue Fire Company Inc. held it's "Annual Meeting" last night voting on new bylaws changes, conducting yearly business and electing new officers. The following positions were open in this years elections and filled as followed.

President: Robert Phillips
Vice President: Frank Horsman

Secretary: Linda Horsman
Asst. Secretary: Michael Wheatley

Treasurer: Tim McCarter
Asst. Treasurer: Shyheim Dawson

Calvin Stack
Juanita Darby
Hubert Meekins

Chief's Office: (Remained the Same on A 2 year term)
Adam Pritchett (Chief)
Brad Walters (1st Asst. Chief)
Ben McCarter (2nd Asst. Chief)

Trey Davis (Captain 1-1)
Jason Shorter (Captain 1-2)
Chris Foxwell (Captain 1-3)

William "Marty" Logan (Lt 1-1)
Rick Travers Jr (Lt 1-2)
Brian Willey (Lt 1-3)

Salvage Corps. Lieutenants
Matt Lewis (Lt 1-4)
Tyler White (Lt 1-5)

Units: Engine 1-3, Rescue Engine 1-1, Engine 1-2, Engine 1-4, Rescue 1-1, Tower 1, Haz-mat 1-1, Brush 1-1, Utility 1-1, Boat 1-1