Box Alarm 1-3 Sandy Hill Elementary School
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
November 18, 2019

At 11:14 AM Dorchester Central dispatched units for A Commercial Fire Alarm at 1503 GLASGOW ST (SANDY HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL) in the Cambridge 1-3 Box Area. Based on information provided Dorchester Central upgraded the assignment to A Full Box Alarm adding additional equipment & personnel to the assignment. Chief 1-1 (Brad Walters) arrived on location with an odor from an exhaust fan in the kitchen area and established command. Engine 1-3 arrived on location, stretched 300' of attack line into the building and established investigation group. Other units arrived on location to assist with the investigation (believed to be A malfunctioning air-handler on the roof). At 11:53 AM with the cause of the odor located command was terminated and all units were placed in service without incident.

Chief 1-1 (Command)
Engine 1-3 (300' of 1.75" Attack Hose, 200' of 5" Supply Hose)
Engine 1-2 (Staged to assist Engine 1-3 with water supply)
Rescue Engine 1-1 (Crew inside to assist with investigation)
Tower 1-1 (28' ladder to the roof to assist with investigation)
Engine 1-4 (Crew assist with clean-up)

Units: Chief 1-1, Engine 1-3, Engine 1-2, Rescue Engine 1-1, Tower 1-1, Engine 1-4
Mutual Aid: DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), DSO, CPD, Talbot Station 30 (Trappe) Rescue 32, Station 46 (Church Creek), Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem)