Smoke Detectors Save Lives
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
January 1, 2020

The Officers & Members of Rescue Fire Company Inc. would like to remind everyone to test your smoke detectors monthly. During recent months the volunteers have found smoke detectors that weren't present or working properly. On two separate fires families were not alerted by working smoke detectors. Thankfully neighbors and concerned citizens were able to alert the occupants and get them to safety.

Homeowners, (Primary Residents Only in the City of Cambridge) are eligible to receive FREE OF CHARGE 10-year smoke detectors with installation by the volunteers of Rescue Fire Company Inc. These detectors are provided as part of a collaboration with Delmarva Power (forms found on our website or click the link below) while supplies last.

It is recommended that working smoke detectors be present in each bedroom and every floor of your home. Landlords who rent or lease their property by law are required to provide working smoke detectors.

Remember WORKING Smoke Detectors Save Lives.

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