MVC Car v/s Townhouse at 417 Cambridge Landing
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
January 13, 2020

At approximately 11:10AM Dorchester Central dispatched Station 1 units for A motor vehicle collision in the area of 117 Maryland Ave. Chief 1-2 (Ben McCarter) arrived on location with 1 vehicle into A townhouse, confirmed no entrapment, and established command. Command updated the address to 417 Cambridge Landing, and held the assignment to Rescue 1-1 responding. The driver was transported to University of Maryland Medical Center at Dorchester priority 3 via PM100. Units (Chief 1-2 & Rescue 1-1) remained on scene with CPD for the investigation, safety concerns (open power source), and clean up. At approximately 12:40PM with the power secured to the townhouse complex and the situation under control command was terminated and all units were placed in service without incident.

Units: Chief 1-2, Rescue 1-1
Mutual Aid: CPD, DCEMS PM100 (Cambridge)