ISAIAS Brings Multiple Calls To The 1st Due
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
August 4, 2020

At 0700hrs the volunteers of Rescue Fire Company Inc. started arriving at 8 Washington St to ready the equipment for the impending storm. Tornado warnings already in effect causing destruction in Mardela and threatening the North part of the County the volunteers prepared for would be an eventful day. As the storm began to wind down the 1st call came in, 1024hrs "Pole Fire 11 Oak St". Chief 1, Chief 1-2, Engine 1-3 & Rescue Engine 1-1 responded but this quickly became 2 incidents. As Chief 1 responded to 11 Oak St he came across wires down on Dorchester Ave and diverted Rescue Engine 1-1 to that incident. Chief 1-2 & Engine 1-3 continued to the original incident at 11 Oak St to find live wires down arcing and set up a blocking position to wait on Delmarva Power. 6 minutes later the station was dispatched for A commercial fire alarm at 627 Race St, Rescue Engine 1-1 was again diverted to handle this incident (system malfunction). 8 minutes after that the station was alerted for a pole fire at 108 Commerce St (Claytons), Rescue Engine 1-1 clearing 627 Race St responded but was quickly diverted to A reported Rescue Box with rollover at 2 Sunburst Highway (The Malkus Bridge). Chief 1 clearing the wires down on Maryland Ave arrived on location with strong winds and 3 Tractor Trailers all rolled over on their side. Chief 1 established command and initially held all units off the bridge with Rescue Engine 1-1 closing the East side and Talbot County Engine38 closing the West side. Investigation revealed no entrapment but hazardous winds conditions on the bridge and fuel & oil on the road surface. Rt50 was deemed unsafe and shut down for clean up and recovery. Rescue 1-1 with A crew of 5 responded and was diverted to 108 Commerce St (Claytons) to handle the pole fire then to Linthicum Dr. for the same (both unfounded). Rescue Engine 1-1, Haz-mat 1-1, Rescue 1-1, and Utility 1-1 went out to complete the clean up and assist with the recovery of the vehicles on the Malkus Bridge. In the midst of this incident the station was alerted to assist Station 56 (Madison) with "A Reported House Fire" on Parsons Dr., Engine 1-3 on standby at the foot of the bridge responded but was cancelled via units on location (situation under control "No Fire"). The shift came to a close with A malicious pull station at 516 Greenwood Ave and A Basement pump-out on Maryland Ave.
20 volunteers from Rescue Fire Company Inc. at various times during the day stood standby at the station without incident.
2 patients were transported 1 local (DGH) via PM100 and 1 to PRMC via Talbot PM93 from the Malkus Bridge
Photo Credit: Lt Matt Lewis, FF Donna Dean, FF Tyler "Scoot" Jones, FF Ricky "Pops" Cannon, FF Andrew Bradshaw, Officer Mark Ryan

Units: Chef 1, Chief 1-2, Rescue Engine 1-1, Engine 1-3, Haz-mat 1-1, Rescue 1-1, Brush 1-1, Utility 1-1
Mutual Aid: CPD (Cambridge Police Department), MSP, DSO, DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), Talbot Station 30 (Trappe) Engine 38, TCEMS PM93 (Trappe), SHA (State Highway Administration), Jess Jr & Sons Towing, Bradshaws Towing, Delmarva Power, DPW