Box Alarm 1-1 535 Poplar St
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
September 20, 2020

At 2:21PM the Volunteers of Rescue Fire Company Inc. were dispatched on the Still Box Assignment for Alarms at 535 Poplar St (Bistro Poplar) in Cambridge. Units arrived on location with audible alarms sounding of a 2 story type II construction, middle of the row business. Crews made entry on side Charlie with smoke in the building and quickly upgraded the assignment to A Commercial Building Fire. 200' of attack hose was stretched to side "Charlie" and 200' of 5" supply hose was stretched to Engine 1-3 from E 1-2, neither line was charged as it was determined that the source of the smoke was a pot of food left on the stove. Crews removed the source of the smoke and ventilated the structure until clear. At 3:09PM after speaking with the business owner command placed the situation under control and all units were placed in service without incident.
(14 volunteers from Rescue Fire Company Inc. responded to this incident)

Chief 1
Captain 1-3 (Command)
Engine 1-3 (200' of 1.75" Hose, 1 PPV Fan)
Engine 1-2 (200' of 5" Supple Hose, 1 PPV Fan)
Rescue 1-1 (Additional Personnel)

Units: Chief 1, Engine 1-3 (Captain 1-3 with Command), Engine 1-2, Rescue 1-1, Rescue Engine 1-1, Engine 1-4
Mutual Aid: CPD, DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem) Engine 61-1, Station 6 (Hurlock) Tower 6-1, Talbot Station 30 (Trappe) Engine 38, Engine 39 & Rescue Engine 32