Working Structure Fire
January 15, 2019

On 1/15/18 RFC along with Trappe Volunteer Fire Company, Church Creek Volunteer Fire Company, and Dorchester EMS were alerted for a structure fire. Upon arrival Chief 1-2 advised he had a working fire and requested additional resources to the scene, Engine 1-3 arrived and the crew stretched a line to the rear of the structure to make entry, Tower 1-1 arrived a short time later and advanced a second line from the engine through the front of the structure. Initial crews encountered heavy fire conditions in the rear of the structure, Rescue 32 arrived and secured a second water source with there crew assisting Engine and Tower crews. Crews had an abundance of storage in the rear of the structure making it more difficult to fully put the fire out, mutual aid crews assisted in extensive overhaul of the structure.

The fire was placed out, overhaul was completed, and all units cleared the scene. No injuries reported. Picture credit goes to Ashlie with Dorchester DES.

Units: RFC full response
Mutual Aid: Trappe, Church Creek, East New Market, Hurlock, Secretary, Neck District, Oxford, and Easton on scene.