Box Alarm 1-1 406 Cemetery Ave
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
November 3, 2020

At 8:00AM the Volunteers of Rescue Fire Company Inc. were dispatched for a reported house fire at 406 Cemetery Ave in Cambridge. Commissioner 3 AOL and reported "working fire in the walls" of a 2nd floor bedroom. Chief 1 AOL of A 2½ story multiple family residential dwelling, confirmed Commissioner 1 report, established command and requested a working fire Taskforce (bringing addition equipment and personnel to the scene). 360 report confirmed the resident clear of all occupants and revealed the entrance to the apartment on side Charlie. Engine 1-3 AOL with fire attack and advanced an 1¾ attack line into side Charlie up to division 2 to extinguish the fire. Other units AOL to assist with fire attack, overhaul, and clean up. At 9:46AM with the situation under control command was terminated and all units were placed in service without incident. The scene was turned over to the Maryland State Fire Marshal's office for investigation.
(28 volunteers from Rescue Fire Company Inc. responded to this incident)
Photo Credit: FF Brandon "Blister" Stacey, FF Juanita Darby, FF Andrew Bradshaw

Chief 1 (Command)
Chief 1-1 (Captain 1-3)
Engine 1-3 (Fire Attack 200' of attack hose, 200' of supply hose)
Engine 1-2 (E 1-3 Hydrant corner of Cemetery Ave & Academy St)
Rescue Engine 1-1 (secondary hydrant from Race St w/ 500' of supply hose)
Engine 1-4 (Rescue Engine 1-1 hydrant on race)
Rescue 1-1 (Air, Tools & Support)
Brush 1-1 (Additional Personnel)
Utility 1-1 (Additional Personnel)

Units: Chief 1(Command), Chief 1-1 (Captain 1-3), Engine 1-3, Engine 1-2, Rescue Engine 1-1, Engine 1-4, Rescue 1-1, Brush 1-1, Utility 1-1
Mutual Aid: CPD, DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem) Rescue Engine 61-1, Station 6 (Hurlock) Tower 6-1, Engine 6-2, Talbot Station 30 (Trappe), Station 46 (Church Creek) Rescue Engine 46-1, Station 21 (East New Market) Rescue Engine 21-1, Station 11 (Vienna) Rescue Engine 11-1