Box Alarm 1-2 406 Pine St
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
December 16, 2020

At 4:17PM the Volunteers of Rescue Fire Company Inc. were dispatched on A Still Box Assignment for an electrical odor at 406 Pine St in Cambridge. Before the 1st unit responded Dorchester Central upgraded the assignment to a Box Alarm (Structure Fire) and added additional units to the call. DCEMS PM101 (Chief 1-2) AOL of A 2½ story single family residential dwelling with nothing evident from the alpha side, 360 report revealed smoke from the eaves on side Charlie. Engine 1-3 AOL with command, investigation and fire attack to advanced a 24' ladder and 1¾ attack line to side Charlie. Other units AOL to assist with fire attack, overhaul, and clean up. At 5:30PM with the situation under control command was terminated and all units were placed in service without incident.
Photo Credit: FF Shyheim Dawson
(20 volunteers from Rescue Fire Company Inc. responded to this incident)

Chief 1-1 (Command)
Engine 1-3 (200' of supply hose, 400' of attack hose, 24' ladder, 14' ladder, attic ladder, TIC, Axe & Halligan Bar)
Tower 1-1 (16' ladder X2, cord reels x2, additional personnel)
Rescue Engine 1-1 (Engine 1-3's Hydrant, personnel assist w/ Fire attack)
Brush 1-1 (additional personnel)

Units: Chief 1, Chief 1-1, Engine 1-3, Tower 1-1, Rescue Engine 1-1, Brush 1-1
Mutual Aid: CPD, DCEMS PM101 (Cambridge), Station 46 (Church Creek) Rescue Engine 46-1, Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem), Station 21 (East New Market), Station 6 (Hurlock), Delmarva Power