Box Alarm 1-2 602 Pine St
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
January 10, 2021

1/10/2021 at 12:02AM RFC Call Type: WORKING STRUCTURE FIRE 600 & 602 PINE ST CAMBRIDGE BOX:1-2 DUE: Chief 1, Chief 1-1 (Command), Chief 1-2, Engine 1-3 (6), Engine 1-2, Rescue Engine 1-1 (4), EN1-4, Tower 1-1 (3), Rescue 1-1 (1), Talbot Rescue 32 (Trappe), DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), CPD :DC

2nd Alarm Assignment: Station 46 (Church Creek) Engine 46-1, Station 6 (Hurlock) Tower 6-1, Talbot Station 20 (Oxford) Engine 25, Talbot PM93 (Trappe), Maryland State Fire Marshal

3rd Alarm Assignment: Station 31 (Neck District) Station 56 (Madison), Station 61, Station 21 (East New Market), Station 16 (Secretary) Rescue Engine 16-1, Talbot Station 40 (St Michaels) Engine 49, Truck 40 (Station 1 Transfer), Talbot Station 60 (Easton) Engine 63 & Engine 65, Wicomico Station 5 (Hebron) Engine 507, Station 14 (Sharptown), Engine Tanker 14 (Station 1 Transfer), Station 9 (Mardela) Engine Tanker 904 (Station 1 Transfer), Caroline Station 200 (Preston) Engine 204 (Station 6 Transfer)

12:08AM 2nd Alarm Requested per Captain 1-1
12:10AM Chief 1-1 on location with a 2.5 story, Type V construction, fire through the roof establishing command.
12:18AM ALL Clear/Water issue corrected
12:19AM All lines to side Charlie for 2nd push
12:21AM Engine 1-3 division 1 side Charlie
12:32AM 3rd Alarm Requested
12:44AM Defensive Attack Only
12:49AM MAYDAY CALLED (Missing Firefighter)
12:56AM MAYDAY CLEAR (Firefighter found safe)
01:04AM Fire knocked at 600 working on 602
01:40AM Command placed the situation under control, holding units working.
01:44AM Overhaul & Clean up started
01:50AM Releasing Wicomico units to standby the station.
03:34AM Command terminated & all units placed in service without incident.

Alerted for the Structure Fire with updated address of 602 Pine Street. The second alarm was dispatched by Captain 1-1 responding to the station due to the nature of the incident as he proceeded to the station. C1-1 aol with fire showing on side charlie, through the roof of a 2.5 story single family wood frame dwelling. C1-1 established command while confirming all occupants were out of the structure and accounted for. Engine 1-3 aol securing their own water source on Side Alpha of the structure, and initiated fire attack via a transitional attack. Engine 1-3 received assistance from Tower 1-1 and Talbot Rescue 32, with Chief 1 having Operations. During the initial attack, an exposure building on Side Bravo of the main fire building began to show signs of smoke from the eves, crews from Engine 1-1 and Engine 6-2 were directed to the Bravo Exposure building, gained access, and extinguished a small attic fire that had spread from the main fire building. Initial crews as well as mutual aid units responding worked diligently to extinguish the fire, overhaul and clear the structure. Scene was turned over to MD State Fire Marshalls office for investigation. Per Rescue Fire Company Inc. 1st Assistant Chief.

Photo Credit: Captain Matt Lewis, FF Brandon “Blister” Stacey
The Officers & Members of Rescue Fire Company Inc. would like to thank every company that came out to help on this fire as the membership is running extremely short in the midst of COVID.

Units: Chief 1, Chief 1-1 (Command), Chief 1-2, Engine 1-3, Tower 1-1, Engine 1-2, Rescue Engine 1-1, Rescue 1-1
Mutual Aid: CPD, DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), Dorchester Station 46 (Church Creek), Station 31 (Neck District), Station 56 (Madison), Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem), Station 21 (East New Market), Station 16 (Secretery), Station 6 (Hurlock), Talbot Station 30 (Trappe), TCEMS PM93 (Trappe), Station 20 (Oxford), Station 40 (St Michael’s), Station 60 (Easton), Wicomico Station 5 (Hebron), Station 14 (Sharptown), Station 9 (Mardela), Caroline Station 200 (Preston), Maryland State Fire Marshal