2nd Alarm Mutual Aid Box 21-7 Beach Haven Rd
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
January 24, 2021

Mutual Aid Fire: Captain 1-2 (Matt Lewis) arrived with fire showing requesting working fire task force and establishing command. 2nd alarm was dispatched for additional personal.

12/24/2021 at 8:02 AM BOX ALARM 21-7 5639 BEACH HAVEN RD EAST DUE: EN21-2, ET21-1, RE21-1, EN16-2, RE16-1, A16-1, Tower 1-1, Rescue 1-1, ET6-1, TN61-1, TN61-2, DCEMS PM100 (Cambridge) DSO :DC


2nd ALARM BOX 21-7 5639 BEACH HAVEN RD EAST DUE: RE1-1 , EN1-4, EN6-2, A6-1, EN61-1, WTK14, RE26-1, ET26-1, TN26-1, RS11-1, TN11-1 :DC

Captain 1-2 on scene within a minute of dispatch with 2 story wood frame single family dwelling with fire showing side Charlie, Captain 1-2 established command and stuck the working fire task force. Command advised first arriving (Engine 21-2) to lay LDH (Large diameter supply hose) from the driveway to side Charlie (rear) to make the transitional attack (knock the fire down and then enter the structure).. Chief 1-2 tagged in (joined the crew) with Engine 21-2 and was designated Fire Attack. Engine-Tanker 21-1 was next to arrive (short w/1) command gave the assignment of pulling in behind Engine 21-2 and supply with water until the nurse tanker arrived. Engine 16-2 was the second due Engine company and command gave them the assignment of beaching the Engine in the front yard and attack lines through the front door to the second floor (division 2). Tower 6-1 set up on the A-D corner for ventilation Tower 1-1 was side A in the front yard, they split the crew and laddered the building, assist Tower 6-1 with ventilation, and sent guys to division 1 (first floor) to open up. Tanker 61-1 came in and set up as the nurse tanker. Tankers 61-2, 11-1, 6-1, all were put into the rotation for water shuttle operations (under safety 21-2). Engine 1-3 was assigned to relieve crews on division 1 (first floor) while Engine 6-1 was assigned to relieve crews on division 2 (second floor). Engine 1-2 was assigned RIT. Command asked for the run down and due to the failed response the incident was now at a second alarm so command asked for 3 additional Engine companies for personnel, which brought cover up crews from Caroline 100 (Federalsburg), 200 (Preston), and Wicomico 9 (Mardela) to the scene. Cover up companies were as follows Station 1 - Talbot Engine 39 (Trappe), Talbot Truck 20 (Oxford), Rescue-Engine 46-1 (Church Creek), Station 6 - Sussex Delaware 87 (Seaford), Station 21 - Wicomico 14 (Sharptown), Linkwood-Salem Wicomico 5 (Hebron) - Per Command Captain Matt Lewis

Photo Credit: Captain Matt Lewis, FF Brandon “Blister” Stacey, EMT Lynn Darby

Units: Station 21 (East New Market) Engine 21-2, Engine Tanker 21-1, Rescue Engine 21-1
Mutual Aid: Captain 1-2 (Command), Tower 1-1, Engine 1-3, Rescue 1-1, Engine 1-2 (RIT), Station 16 (Secretary) , Station 6 (Hurlock), Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem), Station 11 (Vienna), Station 26 (Eldorado-Brookview), Station 46 (Church Creek), Caroline Station 100 (Federalsburg), Station 200 (Preston), Wicomico Station 5 (Hebron), Station 9 (Mardela), Station 14 (Sharptown), Sussex Co Station 87 (Seaford), Talbot Station 30 (Trappe)