Box Alarm 1-2 618 Well St
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
January 30, 2021

1/30/2021 at 2:59PM RFC CALL Type: STRUCTURE FIRE 618 WELLS ST CAMBRIDGE BOX:1-2 DUE: Engine 1-3, Engine 1-2, Rescue Engine 1-1, EN1-4, Tower 1-1, RS1-1, Talbot Co Rescue 32 (Trappe), DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), CPD, FM1 :DC

2nd Alert: Station 46 (Church Creek) Rescue Engine 46-1, Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem)

3:07PM Engine 1-3 on location with smoke showing from side Alpha/passing command
3:10PM Tower 1-1 on location Capt.1-3 with Command
3:11PM Engine 1-3 w/ water on the fire
3:12PM Engine 1-2 on location at the plug
3:14PM Rescue Engine 1-1 on location
3:21PM Per command holding all units working
3:23PM Rescue 1-1 on location
3:24PM Red Cross requested
3:40PM Maryland State Fire Marshal requested
4:00PM Command holding Engine 1-3 & Tower 1-1 all other units released
4:18PM Command terminated releasing remaining units without incident

Engine 1-3 Fire Attack 200’ of 1.75” attack hose, 400’ of supply hose
Tower 1-1 Captain 1-3 w/ Command/Crew w/ search group
Engine 1-2 cover 1-3’s plug
Rescue Engine 1-1 RIT CREW
Rescue 1-1 SCBA Fill

Station 1, 100 and Talbot station 30 were alerted for a residential Structure Fire at 618 Wells St. Paramedic 100 and 101 were first on scene to report smoke coming from a residence. Engine 1-3 arrived soon after and reported a two story single family residence with heavy smoke showing from the Alpha and Bravo side. Officer of engine 3 passed command and stretched a 1 3/4" attack line with his crew through the Bravo side of the structure for fire attack. Tower 1-1 arrived as the line was being pulled and established a stationary command post in the seat of Engine 1-3. Fire attack was assigned to the engine 1-3 crew with the remaining crew of Tower 1-1 and Talbot Rescue Engine 32 were assigned the search group. Engine 1-2 arrived and was assigned RIT on side A of the structure. Rescue Engine 1-1 assisted with fire attacked. Fire attack reported a stove fire in the kitchen with some extensions. Primary and secondary searches of the address were negative. All sources of extension were extinguished and the Red Cross and Maryland State Fire Marshalls office was requested. The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time. - Per Captain Andrew McCarter

Photo Credit: Captain Matt Lewis, FF Brandon “Blister” Stacey

Units: Engine 1-3, Engine 1-2, Tower 1-1, Rescue Engine 1-1, Rescue 1-1
Mutual Aid: CPD, DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), Talbot Station 30 (Trappe) Rescue 32, Station 46 (Church Creek) Rescue Engine 46-1, Station 61 (Linkwood-Salem)