Rescue Box 1-11 Hudson Rd
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
February 23, 2021

At 5:55AM Dorchester Central dispatched units for Rescue Box 1-11 MVC w/ rollover and entrapment Hudson Rd/Horns Point Rd. Asst. Chief 31 AOL with 1 vehicle off the road on it's roof w/ entrapment and established command . Chief 1 AOL assumed command and requested Delmarva Power Priority for hazardous conditions on scene (Power lines down across the vehicle). Rescue 1-1, Rescue Engine 1-1, Engine 1-3, & Rescue Engine 31-1 staged to await Delmarva Power to secure the power. Once the power lines were secure crews used the Hurst tool to extricate 1 patient from the vehicle. PM100 obtained 1 patient refusal and PM101 was release to handle another incident. At approx. 0714AM with the situation under control command was terminated and all units were placed in service without incident.

5:55AM RESCUE BX 1-11 MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION W/ROLLOVER & ENTRAPMENT HUDSON RD / HORNS POINT RD CAMBRIDGE DUE: Chief 1, Rescue 1-1 (4 w/ Captain 1-1), Rescue Engine 1-1 (3 w/ Captain 1-2), Engine 1-3 (3 w/ Lieutenant 1-1), EN1-2, Rescue Engine 31-1 (Neck District), DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), DSO, TR32 (Trappe), Rescue Engine 46-1 (Church Creek), :DC:DOR911

6:04AM Chief 1 (Assumed Command)
6:06AM Delmarva Power Priority
6:11AM Rescue 1-1 on location
6:18AM Rescue Engine 1-1 on location
6:23AM Engine 1-3 on location
6:24AM Hold to Stations 1 & 31
6:38AM Delmarva Power on location
6:43AM Patient’s extricated
6:56AM Holding Command releasing fire units when ready, Hudson Rd remains shutdown & icy
7:14AM Command terminated and all units placed in service w/o incident
Photo Credit: FF Brandon “Blister” Stacey, Asst. Chief Brian Holliday (Neck District VFD)

Units: Chief 1, Rescue 1-1, Rescue Engine 1-1, Engine 1-3
Mutual Aid: DSO, DCEMS PM100 & 101 (Cambridge), Rescue Engine 31-1 (Neck District), Rescue Engine 46-1 (Church Creek)