Membership Drive….
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
November 26, 2021

The Officers & Members of Rescue Fire Company Inc. is asking you to consider a membership with us. It takes approximately 3 years to become a volunteer firefighter taking night/weekend classes all of which are free to the members. Our membership is extremely low at this point and getting older. Please take a moment to consider this rewarding service to our community and become a volunteer firefighter. Also if you’d like to help but don’t want to be a firefighter please consider an honorary membership. Honarary members can help in many ways including the smoke detector program, the Christmas giving committee, the train garden, the seafood festival etc…

Units: Chief 1, Chief 1-1, Chief 1-2, Engine 1-3, Engine 1-2, Tower 1-1, Rescue Engine 1-1, Engine 1-4, Rescue 1-1, Haz-mat 1-1, Brush 1-1, Boat 1-1, Utility 1-1, Dive 1-1