Fire Prevention 2022
By Firefighter Tyler Jones
November 9, 2022

Volunteers at Rescue Fire Company Inc. finished up our “fire prevention week” this past Thursday, our week of talking about fire prevention and fire safety ended up lasting about a month due to some schedule changes. For the past month volunteers have been visiting daycares, learning centers, and elementary schools around our area to talk to kids about fire prevention. The kids also were able to see a real life firefighter with all the fancy and expensive gear on, then they were able to take a look at our Engine and see all the cool tools we get to use on a daily basis.

Lt. Logan was the main speaker at the majority of our visits, he spoke to the kids all about:
~The number to dial for an emergency (911)
~Stop, drop, and roll
~General fire safety
~Smoke detectors and what to do if they go off