4 Box Alarms, A Busy Start to Spring
By Firefighter Tyler Jones
April 15, 2023

The past 8 days have proven to be a busy time for Rescue Fire Company members, they have been dispatched to 4 working fires including a 2 alarm basement fire in that short period of time. The box alarms all of which have been in our 1st due have ranged from a fire in a wall to a commercial building with a fire in the roof line. The average response for these calls from RFC was 2 engines and the tower, with multiple mutual aid departments coming into the city to assist RFC in the mitigation of these calls.

Three of the fires have been ruled accidental, with the fire that happened this morning appearing to be accidental as well but will be investigated by the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s office.

Fires are listed below:

4-7-23: Townpoint Rd.
Kitchen fire with extension to the attic.

4-11-23: Travers St.
Basement fire

4-12-23: Old Maces Lane
Small fire in the roof

4-15-23: Pine St.
Fire in the wall with slight extension to the ceiling