2 Alarm House Fire, Travers street.
By PIO Tyler Jones
March 22, 2024

Just after 6pm Rescue Fire Company was alerted for a house fire, dispatch advised responding units that they have received numerous calls stating that flames and smoke are visible from the house. Chief 1 then relayed that a member was on scene with a working fire at the rear of the house, at this time the call was upgraded to a 2nd alarm.

Chief 1 arrived on scene an established command, Engine 1-3 arrived and began pulling hand-lines to the rear of the house where fire was visible. Crews knocked the bulk of the fire, Tower 1-1 arrived and spilt their crew to search for victims. The fire inevitably spread to the main portion of the house where some additional fire was found on all 3 floors towards the back side of the structure. The mutual aid departments assisted with obtaining an additional water source, assisting with fire attack, and extensive overhaul.

The primary and secondary searches were negative, meaning no victims were located. During the fire two firefighters were evaluated for injuries. One of the firefighters was treated on scene, the other firefighter was transported to TidalHealth in Salisbury with non-life threatening injuries.

In addition to Chief 1, Engine 1-3, and Tower 1-1 other units on scene from RFC were Chief 1-1, Engine 1-2, and Brush 1-1. Mutual aid departments from Trappe, Linkwood, Church Creek, Madison, Neck District, East New Market, Hurlock, Eldorado, Oxford, Mardela, Easton, St. Michaels, Secretary, and Sharptown were alerted to assist.

We would like to thank the mutual aid companies for their support and hard work during this incident.