Box Alarm 1-11 “Working Structure Fire”
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
June 5, 2019

At 1949hrs (7:49pm) Dorchester Central Dispatched Multiple Volunteer Station for A "Working Structure Fire" in the Cambridge 1-11 Box Area. These volunteer companies worked together to extinguish A fire that was well involved in an attempt to save part of the structure. Crews used approx. 600' of 1.75" attack hose, approx. 300" of 4" supply hose and approx. 600' of 5" supply hose to extinguish this fire. A tanker task force was requested via command (Chief 1) bringing in multiple large water tankers as this is a non-hydrant area. Water was shuttled in from the MUC (Municipal Utility Commission) Cambridge area hydrant system using these large water tankers. A draft site (pond, river, stream) was set up pulling water from a location near the fire. Multiple hooks (hand tools), chain saws, lights, ladders, TIC's (thermal imaging cameras) etc... was used to help locate hot spots and extinguish this fire. At the time of the fire this home was vacant and no injuries were reported via firefighters on location. Command was terminated at approx. 2330hrs (11:30pm) and all units cleared the scene without incident. The scene was turned over to the State of Maryland Fire Marshal’s Office for investigation. Volunteer crews cleared Station 1 at approx. 0100hrs (1:00am) after washing equipment, filling SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) bottles, cleaning gear, repacking fire hose, flushing/filling water tanks etc... to ready the station/equipment for the next alarm. The Officers & Members of Rescue Fire Company Inc. would like to thank everyone for the teamwork that was on displayed last night from standby crews at Station 1 to the crews who came in to do overhaul and help pack up hose "Every Job Is Important".

(Pictures posted from Chief McCarter, Lt Tyler White, Lt Rick Travers Jr, Firefighter Kevin Carr & Probationary Firefighter Brandon "Blister" Stacey)
If any company was missed please notify me to be added...

Units: Chief 1, Chief 1-2, Engine 1-3, Rescue Engine 1-1, Tower 1, Engine 1-4, Rescue 1, Brush 1-1, Utility 1-1
Mutual Aid: DCEMS PM100 & PM101, Station 46 (Church Creek), Station 31 (Neck District), Station 30 (Trappe), Station 21 (East New Market), Station 16 (Secretary), Station 61 (Linkwood - Salem), Station 6 (Hurlock), Talbot Station 20 (Oxford), Talbot Station 60 (Easton), DSO (Dorchester Sheriff's Office), State of Maryland Fire Marshal's Office