Multiple Calls in the 1-1 Box
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
July 8, 2019

At 1600hrs (4:00pm) Dorchester Central dispatched units (Rescue 1-1, Engine 1-3, PM100 & PM101) for an MVC (2 cars involved with 1 injured). 4 minutes later Central dispatched units (Engine 1-2, PM500 (Madison) and Talbot PM93 (Trappe) for A Cardiac Arrest. The volunteers split crews to handle both incidents with Engine 1-3 & PM101 diverting from the MVC to handle the arrest along with PM500 (Madison). Chief 1-1, PM100 and MD1arrived on location later to assist with patient care. Acting Chief 1-2 (Captain 1-1), Rescue 1-1 and Brush 1-1 handled the MVC with Talbot PM93 (Trappe). PM101 transported priority 1 to DGH (Dorchester General Hospital) with CPR in progress via LUCUS Device from the arrest. (Pictures provided by FF Kevin Carr and FF Cody Downs)

Units: Chief 1-1, Acting Chief 1-2, Engine 1-3, Rescue 1-1, Brush 1-1
Mutual Aid: PM100 (Cambridge), PM101 (Cambridge), PM500 (Madison), CPD, MD-1, Talbot PM93 (Trappe)