Box Alarm 1-2 “Bradford House”
By Firefighter Kevin Carr
August 7, 2019

At 1909hrs Dorchester Central dispatched units for the APARTMENT FIRE @ 701 RACE ST (THE BRADFORD HOUSE). Chief 1 arrived on location with nothing evident after his 360 and established command. Engine 1-3 arrived on location with it's own hydrant and hooked up to the stand pipe connection with crews making entry to extinguish a small fire in A 3rd floor apartment. Other units arrived to assist/support the operation with evacuation, ventilation and clean up. Command placed the situation under control approx. 60 minutes later and placed the box in service without incident.
(Pictures provided by FF-Paramedic Eddie Dean)

Units: Chief 1, Chief 1-2, Engine 1-3, TW 1-1
Mutual Aid: CPD, MSP, DCEMS PM100 (Cambridge), Ambulance 31-1 (Neck District), Talbot PM93 (Trappe), Talbot Station 30 (Trappe) Engine 39 & Rescue 32